Bamboo Wall Panel

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Bamboo Wall Panel

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  • Bamboo Wall Panel - 2-1,W-BV-1
Bamboo Wall Panel
Model - 2-1,W-BV-1
Vertical bamboo wall panel
BV series adopts bamboo side pressure flat cutting, solid bamboo flavor, elegant texture, fashion, special processing and coating technology to make the color uniform and more textured. The siding can be painted to achieve a variety of BV floor color effects.

W-BV-1 clear bamboo siding, the surface material is the back of the bamboo flakes with high-strength 3mm plywood, which can be hand-sprayed (carpentry master) or with the company's designated color system (roller test paint surface is more uniform and can be specified Color system)

Won the double green building materials (ecological health) mark
  • Ecology: Using natural materials, there is no shortage of doubts, reducing the performance of energy, resources and the impact on the Earth's environment.
  • Health: It does not cause harm to human health, and it has the performance of low formaldehyde and low volatile organic matter.
  • Customizable

feature of product
  1. Fresh and natural natural bamboo wood surface material; natural texture, a variety of color choices.
  2. Fire-resistant wall material, CNS 6532 flame-resistant certification; non-toxic green building materials comply with the Ministry of Interior construction specifications.
  3. Low formaldehyde and TVOC meet Japanese JAS specifications; no asbestos, no harm to human body and environment.
  4. The surface is antibacterial and super wear resistant, and the coating is easy to clean; the energy saving structure and the heat transfer coefficient are small.
  5. The water resistance is stable, the expansion and contraction rate is low; both the humidity and the heat preservation function of the indoor are regulated.
  6. Resistance to medium audio has excellent sound insulation; excellent processability and quick and simple construction.
Product Usage
Applicable to the following general buildings and public places: home, factory building, transportation facilities, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, clubs, KTV, galleries, shops, conference halls, display, audio-visual classrooms, computer rooms A separate compartment or compartment wall around a bathroom, kitchen, etc.
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